According to many Android and Pixel users, Google Assistant is in decline - Android users notice a drop in Google Assistant performance

Apple has been consistently on the defensive not to squander the lead it had when it introduced Siri with the iPhone 4s in 2011. Numerous tests over the years have placed Google Assistant firmly at the top of the list of virtual digital assistants with Amazon’s Alexa second and Siri in third place. When Microsoft offered the Cortana app, which is no longer available for iOS and Android, it usually came third above Siri or last.
But lately, Android users — even some with Pixel phones — have noticed a drop in Google Assistant performance. Some believe Google is allowing this to happen because it plans to use its AI chatbot Bard to replace Assistant and this theory can be found on several social media sites including Reddit.

Reddit subscribers have noticed that Google Assistant has gotten slower and “degraded” over time

As a Reddit subscriber named “bazbae” noted earlier this year, “Google Assistant has gotten weaker over time, and even basic uses (e.g. setting alarms/timers/playing music) seem to have gotten so buggy and incoherent. It’s disappointing, it was so good to begin with.” Other Reddit posts include statements like “It (Google Assistant) is much worse than it was before” and “The assistant has degraded over time.” And there’s this: “The Assistant on all my Google devices is bad. My P7 Pro, Nest Hub, Pixel Tablet, Nest Mini… everything is bad.”

Some complain that Google Assistant no longer understands what question they’re asking the Assistant to answer or what task they’re asking the Assistant to perform. Check out this Reddit post: “I swear Google Assistant has gotten so stupid in the last couple weeks. It can’t understand basic sentences unless I talk like a robot straight into the mic, or it ignores me directly Or when I yell NEXT to my Google Home, it plays the next YouTube video on my phone instead of the next song on the speaker. WTF??? It’s never happened before and little things like this just got so annoying.”

Personally, I’ve noticed that Google Assistant takes much longer to answer questions and perform tasks. Even something as simple as setting a 5-minute timer can test your patience. And while many Android users appear to be on top of this decline, Google has so many balls in the air right now that it’s unclear whether fixing the Assistant is on the company’s “to-do list.”

Siri directs users to the web to get their answers too many times

Does this mean that Siri is becoming a better assistant than Google? No. Siri has a lot of problems of its own, including its proclivity for answering most questions by saying, “I found this on the web. Take a look” instead of simply stating or revealing the answer you’re looking for on the display.

With artificial intelligence there is the possibility of receiving completely made-up answers and the chatbots sometimes “hallucinate”. If Google is degrading the Assistant with plans to replace it with Bard, that could give Apple an opportunity to improve Siri and bring its virtual digital assistant to the level many believe it should be.

Digital assistants have become so important to so many smartphone users that improvements need to be made to all mobile platforms and all assistants. And we’re not necessarily convinced that using AI chatbots is the answer. There are still some things digital assistants do that AI might not get better at, like setting alarms and timers, repeating sports scores, showing the weather, and converting currencies.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa. Maybe we should come back here in about three years to see what happened. Wait now as I set a reminder with my digital assistant for three years from now.

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