Campaign launched for children's online safety

Parents need to lead by example to ensure children use the internet safely and consciously, said program director Norbert Kis at the National Authority for Media and Infocommunication press conference “Is My Family Mobile?” countryside. The initiative was launched to provide families with advice on how to protect their children online.

During the summer,

ten new tips will be published on the authority’s website to help families navigate issues related to internet rights, online bullying, phishing and video game addiction. The goal is to find a balance between the online world of mobile devices and family life.

Norbert Kis stressed that the world of mobile devices is increasingly taking over homes, and that therefore the “family time” between parents and children is at risk. He stressed that the media authority’s campaign is not a one-off action and that they were trying to keep the issue on the agenda. “If we talk more about these issues, about parental responsibility, we have a slightly better chance of contributing to digital health in families, media literacy in everyday life,” he noted.

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Kos Somogyi, head of the child protection department of the National Media and Communications Authority, stressed that

a quarter of children and half of their parents’ social media profiles are completely public, so their content is available to anyone, making them vulnerable.

She said it’s important for people to share images and videos carefully, especially when it comes to children, adding that we should always remember before sharing content that “the internet doesn’t forget.”

Mni Lisa Tibenszky, executive director of the School for Responsible Parents, said digital culture is part of everyday life, offers unprecedented opportunities and shouldn’t be “demonised” or “tabooed”. For parents, one of the most important tasks is to talk about their experiences in the online space. She also noted that parents need to show their children the offline world they’ve been socialized into, but also enter the digital world their children were born into.

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The National Authority for Media and Infocommunications regularly deals with issues concerning young people and the online world. Last September, the authority shed light on the dangers of online challenges, such as the blackout challenge, noting that they have become a growing danger, with increasing physical and mental risks, self-harm and even death.

The diffusion of online challenges is not only an integral part of the online space and social services, but is increasingly part of the socialization of young people, especially adolescents.

This spring, another body, the Family-Friendly Task Force set up by the Hungarian Competition Authority, discussed the dangers of video games for children. Csaba Balzs Rig, chairman of the authority, said surveys show that more and more children are playing video games on a daily basis. The video game industry targets our children with deceptive and aggressive advertising practices, exploiting children’s underdeveloped cognitive abilities, and distributing confusing virtual currencies.

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