It will eventually happen to all of us, no matter how careful you are. Maybe you drop your phone and the screen cracks, you accidentally spill a drink on it and it won’t charge anymore, or maybe you did nothing to directly cause the hardware defect and you’re just out of luck. Either way, you will need to get your phone fixed, which you can do or do it yourself or through a repair center.

Most people in this situation would take their phone to the nearest authorized repair center or mail it if there is no repair location nearby, but in addition to temporarily losing access to their phone, they would also have to face the inconvenience of backing up your data and factory resetting your device before sending it. That is unless they are comfortable with a complete stranger having access to all of their personal data, which describes absolutely no one.

To save its users from having to reset their devices, Samsung announced a function last year called Maintenance mode which protects the user’s private data while repairing the device. While the device is in maintenance mode, the people who fix it have access only to the pre-installed apps. Any changes made while the device is in maintenance mode are lost when it is shut down, which can only be done by the user unlocking their device. This way, the user only needs to put their device into maintenance mode before handing it in, the repair center can do whatever it needs to do while it’s in their hands, and the user can simply exit maintenance mode when it recovers. the device. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Maintenance mode in a 5.0 user interface

Maintenance mode in a user interface 5. (Image credit: Samsung)

Unfortunately, not all phones have access to a feature like maintenance mode on Samsung devices. Google’s Pixel phones, for example, lack such a feature, which is why Google he tells his customers reset their devices to factory settings before sending them in for repair. Google has done a great job of making their own devices more repairablebut most people won’t have the know-how to fix a phone like the Fold Pixels. The launch of the Pixel Fold will really test Google’s after-sales services, which is why I think Google needs to make the repair experience as painless as possible for users.

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