AI is the hottest buzzword in the tech industry right now. Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT, you can increase your productivity and offload many mundane tasks to the AI ​​tool. Microsoft has been quick to integrate ChatGPT into its products, including SwiftKey, which is among our favorite Android keyboard apps. Dubbed Bing AI Chat, you can use the tool to compose emails or messages, rephrase the tone of what you’ve written, get new ideas on a topic, chat with AI on a topic, and more.

Here’s how to use Bing AI chat on top Samsung phones, Google Pixel phones, and small Android phones.

What is Bing AI Chat?

As the name indicates, Bing AI Chat is an AI chatbot that uses the power of Bing and ChatGPT and its GPT4 language model to supercharge your productivity. Bing AI Chat can analyze the best results for your query and generate a quick solution overview. This can reduce search time, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

But there’s more to Bing AI Chat than just generative search. You can use the AI ​​tool to generate content or emails based on the topic you enter and have it reword your existing document to use more formal language.

ChatGPT is better than Google Bard in many ways, so its integration with SwiftKey increases the usefulness of the keyboard.

How to use Bing AI Chat on your Android phone

Before proceeding with the steps below, change the default keyboard on your Android phone to Microsoft SwiftKey. It is available as a free download from the Google Play Store. During the setup process, you need to sign in to your Microsoft account in SwiftKey. Otherwise, you can’t use Bing AI Chat.

Bing AI Chat on SwiftKey is available on Google Pixel and Samsung phones. You can try SwiftKey Beta if Bing AI Chat does not appear in the stable version on your phone.

  1. Open the conversation or an app to view the text entry box and SwiftKey on your phone.
  2. Click the Bing AI Chat button located on the SwiftKey toolbar on the left.
  3. Accept the Bing search criteria by tapping I agree.
  4. Give the keyboard access to your location.
  5. Buttons for Research, Tone, To composeAND Chat appear above the keyboard.
  6. To chat with the AI ​​tool, select Chat. You can use the microphone button for voice input or tap the keyboard icon in the lower right corner.
  7. Ask Bing AI any questions you have. Provides a summary of the main findings along with the relevant link.
  8. To clear your conversation history with Bing AI, select the magic broom icon to the left of the input box below.

You can use Bing AI Chat to generate vacation itineraries, get recipes for your favorite dish, and more. However, you are limited to 20 chats per session and 200 conversations throughout the day with the chatbot.

How to use Bing AI Chat in SwiftKey to compose new emails or generate new ideas

The best part about integrating Bing AI into SwiftKey is that you can use it to write emails, suggest new ideas, or generate new content for blog posts.

  1. Open a text entry box and invoke SwiftKey.
  2. Type the topic you want Bing AI to generate content for. Provide the most relevant context possible. This can include greetings, business emails, ideas, or a blog post.
  3. Click the To compose button from the SwiftKey toolbar.
  4. A mini-window appears, with the topic you wrote displayed at the top. You can choose the tone, format and length of the content you want to generate.
  5. Faucet Generate draft to get Bing AI to compose the content. The generated content is displayed in the Preview section below.
  6. If you like the content, tap the copy bottom button. You can then paste the content into the email or conversation where you want to use it.

To change the pitch of a piece of text you’ve written, select the Tone button from the SwiftKey toolbar. Then, choose the tone in which you want to rephrase the content, followed by Generate draft. This is a great tool for making an email you wrote look more formal or look more professional into a document you’re preparing.

Use Bing AI Chat to boost your productivity

If you’re always on the go and use your phone to compose emails and office documents, Bing AI Chat can help you increase your productivity. Instead of struggling with writing emails from scratch, you can use Bing AI Chat to generate a template and then build upon it, saving hours in the process. Once you’re done playing with SwiftKey’s Bing AI Chat integration, check out the best Android tools and utility apps you need to have on your phone.

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