Leak of promotional materials for Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Snapdragon 888


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i recently got the s23 256gb version for 550 in italy with a promotion this is going to be a tough sell with the s23 deals around

Bigmeme, 55 minutes agoYour own comment says mediatek is inferiorIt’s inferior “than Snapdragon” if you compare it to something that relies heavily on the GPU (I don’t know what kind of games but there aren’t that many), but outside of that both are smooth as butter.


Aoi Akane, 7 hours agoSource? They’re just one step behind Snapdragon in terms of GPUs.Your own comment says mediatek is inferior


All good if the battery is 5000mAh, it will be super welcome for Samsung to add 5000mAh battery


Hzzif, 19 hours agoI don’t know much about it, but can someone tell me why Samsung wouldn’t take Medi…moreProbably because Snapdragon makes exclusive SoCs for Samsung, gets their chips manufactured by Samsung, Samsung is probably the single largest Snapdragon customer, and they both complement each other in many other ways.

maniac, 17 hours agoMediateks are not that good compared to snapdragonsSource? They’re just one step behind Snapdragon in terms of GPUs.

Anonymous, 18 hours agoThat’s why it is. Paper samples.It is not? Both have similar performance by the way.

Anonymous, 18 hours agoThat’s why it is. Paper samples.Quiet mediatek hater, watch Dimensity 9000 Vs Snapdragon 8 gen 1 before commenting.

Anonymous, 18 hours agoYes correct, there is only one OS left S20 FE already at the end of OS update cycle and the next one is S21 FE and it is… moreActually no, there are 3 left.
S21 FE would come with 4 years of software updates from Android 12 and S20 FE is only 3 years from Android 10.

maniac, 17 hours agoMediateks are not that good compared to snapdragonsSee Dimension 9000 Vs Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 before commenting


Will it be re-released in Australia?


Useless if you don’t have a memory card. However, the specifications of S21 FE 5G look almost the same as S20 FE 5G


Healthy heart, 16 hours agoAt that price point, the S22 would be a much better dealS22 has a bad battery


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Sorry for the last paragraph of the previous post which should read range A is overcrowded (not range S)

In 2023 it seems that all 4G versions have received a 5G version and minor changes


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Anonymous, 19 hours agoSamsung is scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Terrible deal at that price, but definitely… moreThere were 4 variants released two @ 128Gb and two @ 256Gb 6Gb and 8Gb the article states this was stock not originally sold in India

Your statement would mean it’s the 6Gb variant

Just to digress a bit Apple iPhone markets the best iPhone ever and always, always with some game that shows it in the best light ever,

Upcoming iPhone drones will look to these synthetic benchmarks, the speed alone making up for not sharing media via Bluetooth or NFC

Whatever discount is offered to Asian manufacturers or not (for example, say no and they can absorb Qualcomm’s high price) Samsung can’t absorb the price, so it passes it on

Another slight twist and answer another point and extend the answer given, Samsung cannot abandon Exynos as this would leave Samsung at the mercy of Qualcomm


The answer is that Exynos probably wouldn’t sell in the US, so as you can see Samsung for the S series releases Snapdragon in the US and Exynos everywhere

I personally don’t know what a 40 point differential in Geekbench or Antutu 9 says in the real world, but I’ve seen the YouTube video comparison and am looking forward to supersaturated advertising. My new mantra will be “Wait, pause the video, I missed that ad”

The damage has already been done Qualcomm Snapdragon in your flagship phones.

On the use of Mediatek Dimensity in S range, it is a very inciting question and you may have said aloud a question asked to Mediatek not Samsung

My guess is now 07/0/2023 negative backlash from Samsung using Dimensity is to relegate Exynos.

Samsung acknowledges that Samsung does not have a flagship SoC

Essentially Samsung and Mediatek are in the running for the next flagship SoC

If Samsung’s next SoC blows everything out of the water, then it can stay in-house, and a right-priced Mediatek chip could conceivably replace Snapdragon.

Chinese flagship phones are already using Dimensity, imo Snapdragon’s dominance isn’t guaranteed, people would
ask why are you using SD when all the Dimensities are producing better benchmarks.

SD has a more negative cost, but comes with user acceptance of a better chip.

Samsung S range is overcrowded with models sharing similar specs, eg A54 vs S23 FE comparison, SD chip skewed the price


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Ki124, 18 hours agoMaybe because the S23FE is similar to the A54, which is a mid-range device, so it has a smaller screen… moreS23 FE is still a flagship and A54 doesn’t hold a candle to its performance
As Exynos 2200 is still around SD 8 Gen 1 range or close to 8+ gen 1.
A54 is on range of SD778 and it seems like S23 FE is only in A54 body so they just cut cost to make the phone using A54 body


Healthy heart, 16 hours agoAt that price point, the S22 would be a much better dealExactly… except it doesn’t have quite as good battery life and now software support.


Unnamed, 16 hours agoI don’t understand the hate S21FE receives. My wife has S21FE 6/128 with snapdragon 888. Phon… moreIt’s a great phone and you got a great deal too! But this re-release with an INR 50,000 tag is not worth it. There are phones like Poco F5 and Redmi K50i here in India that people will buy in a heartbeat because most people don’t care about the software experience. They see ohh shiny and buy or just follow the spec sheet.


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I don’t understand the hate S21FE receives. My wife has S21FE 6/128 with snapdragon 888. Phone is snappy and battery life is adequate. Cameras are great, no overheating. We paid 450 during the fall sale and the value is very hard to beat. The phone is far better than what the A54 now offers for a similar price.


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Tigolebitties, 19 hours agoDo people want anything to do with that 2021 flagship chipset? It’s inefficient,… moreTo be honest there isn’t much difference between the SD 888 and the newer chip, it’s not like the old days where each new chipset was a leap forward. I still use a phone with SD865 and would buy a phone with this chip again if the price was right. Though $600 is a lot, considering the all-new S22 can often be had for a similar price on sale.

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