Milton Keynes pedophile banned from internet is jailed after using library computer to get online

A convicted paedophile banned from using the internet has been jailed again after using computers at the Milton Keynes library to try to get back online.

Matthew Dawson was first jailed in 2017 after he was found making and distributing disturbing Category A, B and C images of babies and young children.

He has now appeared again at Aylesbury Crown Court – a year later – after messages were found talking to single mums on a website asking him to abuse their children.

CMK libraryCMK library
CMK library

Summarizing the latest, prosecutor Victoria Forbes said Dawson had tried to meet with the moms, but failed. It later emerged that some of the mothers were actually men.

Since his previous court appearances, 37-year-old Dawson has been the subject of a sexual harm prevention order prohibiting him from accessing the internet in any way.

However, the court heard that he had violated that order in three different ways: by using the computers at his local library in Milton Keynes, by using his mother’s laptop and by buying himself a telephone.

His “shrewd demeanor” was only revealed when a police public protection officer went to Dawson’s house for one of his regularly scheduled visits and asked him how he was “coping” with not being able to access the internet.

Ms Forbes said: “He did not respond and instead looked at the floor, later admitting to his crimes.”

He told police that for the past two years he had been using his mother’s laptop at her home in an attempt to look for a new place to live and gainful employment. However, he had also looked at adult pornography on it and looked at old emails that had been sent to him containing disgusting photographs of children.

Dawson admitted to logging into the Milton Keynes library and logging in as a guest on one of the library’s computers several times over a three-month period earlier this year.

The court heard that investigators had tried with no luck to find her Internet history on the library computer and even analyzed her body language and screen on the library’s CCTV cameras.

One of the charges he faced involved his mission to buy a phone, which ended with him throwing it in the trash after he couldn’t access the internet with it.

Toning down, her defense attorney Dana Bilan said he was “ashamed and remorseful” for his actions and had opened up to her about his experience of child abuse when he was a youth.

However, the judge rejected any attempts to get a suspended sentence, saying he had “no realistic prospect of rehabilitation”.

Judge Catherine Tulk told Dawson: ‘You had access to the Milton Keynes library computers between February and April 2023, which a police protection officer had previously specifically warned you about. You lied to him and said you weren’t doing none of that.

“You also admitted that for two years you used your parents’ laptop not only to look for a place to live, which was one of your excuses that you gave, but also to access old emails. Emails that contained pictures indecent children. Before you also bought yourself a mobile phone, clearly specific for accessing the Internet and when it doesn’t have access to the Internet, you threw it away.”

The judge said that Dawson had shown signs of “manipulative and cunning behavior” and had “consistently continued to find ways to offend and circumvent the court order.”

“These were considered, calculated and deceptive ways to get around this order that was specifically put in place to protect the public. It very clearly poses a serious risk.

“You don’t have a realistic prospect of rehabilitation.”

For each of the three counts he sentenced him to two years in prison, all to be performed concurrently. This means that he must serve a year in prison before being considered for parole.

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