Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro went under the radar when it launched in 2022, especially compared to the high-profile Galaxy Tab S8 launch. But for anyone in the market for a rugged tablet, the newest Active model checks a ton of boxes and is less of a downgrade than Samsung’s previous offerings. 

Considering the two tablets have very similar price points, the question has to be asked: should you buy the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro, or just slap a case and screen protector on the Galaxy Tab S8 so you don’t have to accept any trade-offs? In this Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro vs. Tab S8 guide, we’ll try to answer that question.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro vs. Tab S8: Design and display

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The Galaxy Tab S8

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We’ll talk about ruggedness (or lack thereof) in a later section; let’s start by talking about how it feels to hold these two devices. The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro measures about 0.4 inches or 10mm thick, significantly beefier than most tablets — let alone the 0.25-inch Galaxy Tab S8. 

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