Indiana Jones is one of the unlikely heroes ever depicted on screen. Jones is a different kind of hero. One who uses brains instead of brawn and wears a brown hat instead of a cloak. Indiana Jones is an archeology professor, not a crime fighter. He is not omnipotent nor fearless. I must remind you that the man has a crippling fear of snakes. Indy is a human being who makes mistakes. However, he is loved for his faults because his courage and willingness to do the right thing make him an admirable hero. Plus, it also helps to have Harrison Ford in the lead.

Ford will reprise his role as the legendary adventurer one last time Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.In honor of Indy’s swan song, we’ve rounded up the franchise’s five best scenes. I apologize to the fans of Realm of the Crystal Skullwhich is way better than it deserves, even if no scene from the movie made this list.

5. Sword versus pistol

Raiders of the Lost Ark (3/10) Movie CLIP – Sword vs. Gun (1981) HD

One of the most memorable scenes ofRaiderscan be attributed to food poisoning. While filming in Tunisia, over 150 crew members, including Ford, suffered from amoebic dysentery from the local food. Spielberg was one of the few who hasn’t gotten sick since he brought his own food. Food poisoning severely limited the crew in terms of what they could film.

For the Cairo chase scene, Indy had to face the swordsman in a heavily choreographed fight. Stuntman Terry Richards trained for weeks to prepare for the fight. On the day of filming, Ford was exhausted from dysentery and unable to participate in a long battle. Ford suggested shooting the swordsman, ending the fight before it even started. Spielberg loved the idea and used it for the film. The decision perfectly encapsulates Jones’ cynicism and irritability, making for one of the funniest and most talked-about moments of the entire series.

4. Choosing the Holy Grail

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (10/10) Movie CLIP – He Chose Wrong (1989) HD

The Last Crusade is centered around the search for the Holy Grail, a sacred cup believed to have magical healing powers that could grant humans eternal life by drinking its water. Indiana’s father, Henry Jones Sr. (Sean Connery), is a Grail expert who was kidnapped by the Nazis in search of the ancient artifact. Indiana must save his father from the Nazis and find the Holy Grail before the Nazis do.

Indiana finds the Grail inside a temple and is greeted by an ancient knight. Only one cup is the true grail, so Indy must choose wisely. Donovan (Julian Glover) chooses the wrong cup and dies aging rapidly. Indy, however, chooses correctly and saves a mortally wounded Henry from death. The scene is similar to the end of Raiderswhere Indy makes another moral choice not to look at the Ark, saving his life in the process.

3. The Rope Bridge

Rope Bridge Fight | Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) (HD movie)

Of the three films in the original trilogy, The temple of evilit is considered the weakest of the three voices. However, The temple of evil it’s not bad at all. Lucas and Spielberg deserve a ton of credit for choosing to create a prequel, not a sequel, as their second film. The temple of evil it’s quite entertaining, especially in the first and third acts, despite being the darkest film in the franchise. The temple of evil it was so violent that the MPAA created the PG-13 rating.

The climax is a good old-fashioned standoff over a bridge. After escaping the tunnels, Jones, Willie (Kate Capshaw) and Short Round (Ke Huy Quan) retreat to a rope bridge over a crocodile-infested river, but cultists Mola Ram and Thuggee trap the trio in the middle. Out of good options, Indy cuts the bridge in two and yells, Mola Ram! Get ready to meet Kali in Hell! The trio stand for their lives as most of the cultists fall to their deaths. The intense scene is another example of Jones doing the impossible and running away with his life.

2. The opening in the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Train Chase

Before becoming a globetrotting treasure hunter and archaeologist, Indiana Jones was an adventurous teenager in the Boy Scouts. The opening scene of The Last Crusade flashes back to 1912 and features a teenage Indiana girl, played by a young River Phoenix, exploring a Utah cave with her Boy Scout troop. Indiana spies on a group of mercenaries who find Coronados’ crucifix. Young Jones believes the artifact should be in a museum, so he steals the cross and flees.

The thrilling chase sequence begins in the desert and eventually transitions to a circus train, where Indiana outruns thieves at every turn. The scene details how Indiana gets a distinctive scar on his chain when he uses a whip to scare away a lion, leaving a distinctive mark on his face. Eventually, the thieves recover the cross in a nearby town, but the lead scout respects Indiana’s courage and charisma and leaves his hat in the teenager’s possession, the same style of hat that he would make famous as an adult. The flashback scene could have failed if the young actor didn’t look or act like Ford. However, having an actor as talented and charismatic as Phoenix makes this sequence one of the best in the franchise.

1. The opening of Raiders of the Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark – 1st 10 Minutes (iconic FULL opening scene)

Indiana Jones is universally considered one of the most recognizable and influential characters in the history of cinema. He hasn’t always been like this. Since Indy is an original character, the on-screen introduction of him in Raiders of the Lost Arkit had to be memorable. The opening scene of Raidersfollows Jones’ search for the golden idol in a South American jungle in 1936. The opening sequence established key traits of Indy that have remained throughout the franchise. First and foremost, Jones is a treasure hunter with a fascination for relics of the past. Indy is also a skilled fighter, using a whip to disarm one of the guides.

Speaking of her whip, that and a brown hat have become Indiana’s wardrobe staples. Jones is smart and cocky, substituting a bag of sand for the golden idol. Even when the booby-trapped temple fights back, most notably with a giant boulder, Indiana somehow finds a way out of an impossible situation, which he continues to do 40 years later. The emotional opening moments set the stage for the future of the franchise.

The first four Indiana Jones movies are available to stream on Disney+ and Paramount+.

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