top stories July 8, 2023

Apple has moved into a new round of developer beta testing for iOS 17, iPadOS 17 and related updates, and the open public beta program is expected to begin very soon.

top stories July 8, 2023
The next iPhone’s launch is just two months away and we keep hearing rumors about what to expect from next-gen models, while this week we’ve heard more about a rumored iPhone SE 4 and an upcoming external Mac monitor that could double as a display for the smart home.

Finally, Meta this week launched its Twitter competitor known as Threads, and it has seen rapid uptake thanks to its integration with Instagram. Read on for full details on this week’s top stories!

All new in iOS 17 Beta 3

Apple this week sent the third beta of iOS 17 to developers for testing. The latest beta includes a few small changes for the iPhone, so be sure to check out our roundup of what’s new.

General features of iOS 17 Blue Green

General features of iOS 17 Blue Green
The first public beta of iOS 17 will be available later this month, according to Apple, and the software update will roll out to all users with iPhone XS and later in September. Read our iOS 17 in-depth roundup to learn more about the update and new features.

Apple also released the third developer betas of iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma, watchOS 10, and tvOS 17 this week.

iPhone 15 Pro should arrive in blue

The iPhone 15 Pro models to be introduced in September will be available in a unique dark blue color with a gray tint, according to leaker Unknownz21.

iPhone 15 Pro blue perspective 2

Available in a new titanium material, the blue hue will have a brushed finish that’s different from the stainless steel used by Apple in the past. The color is similar to the Apple blue used for the iPhone 12 Pro models, but appears to be darker and with more gray to better complement the titanium finish. Check out our article for the renders we created to demonstrate the new color.

iPhone 15 Pro Max expected to be more expensive than the previous model

The high-end iPhone 15 Pro Max will be more expensive than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which starts at $1,099, according to technology analyst Jeff Pu.

Blue feature for iPhone 15 Pro

One reason the Pro Max may be more expensive this year is the device’s purported periscope lens, which is expected to allow for up to 5-6x optical zoom, up from the current limit of 3x. The regular 15 Pro shouldn’t have a periscope lens.

Meta’s alternative Twitter “threads” are now available

Facebook’s parent company Meta this week launched a new iPhone app called Threads that competes with Twitter. Thanks to the integration of Instagram, the app has amassed more than 30 million users as of Thursday morning, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

instagram thread app

MacRumors is on Threads, as are many of our staff, so be sure to follow us to keep up with the latest Apple news and rumors.

Apple is reportedly working on a Mac monitor that becomes a smart home display when idle

Apple is working on a new external display for Macs that doubles as a smart home display when not in use, according to Apple Bloombergis Mark Gurman.

Apple Studio blue display

In his last Power on newsletter, Gurman said Apple is developing several new monitor offerings, some of which could be successors to its Studio Display and Pro Display XDR, and one that could have smart standby capabilities powered by an integrated iOS chip.

iPhone SE 4: here’s what the latest rumors say

Rumors of a fourth-generation iPhone SE have been circulating for a few months after the current model’s launch in 2022. This week, we’ve recap the rumors about the device and potential launch times.

iphone se 4 modified

The latest word on the fourth-generation iPhone SE comes from UBI Research analyst Dae-Jeong Yoon, who this week said mass production of the device has been delayed until some point in 2025.

The top five new features in iPadOS 17

While iPadOS 17 has adopted almost all the features available in iOS 17, there are also several additions designed specifically for the larger iPad display. In a recent video on our YouTube channel, we highlighted the best new features available for iPad in the iPadOS 17 update.

ipados 17 new thumb features

For more details on the update and new features, read our in-depth roundup on iPadOS 17.

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