The Singularity Group has used artificial intelligence to create extremely realistic deep fakes of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.


July 7, 2023 | 17:38

Donald Trump and Joe Biden will face off in a 24/7 debate, live streamed on Twitch and responding directly to the audience.

The problem? It is not real.

Activists funded by The Singularity Group have created fake presidential hopefuls using artificial intelligence and, at first glance, they are very convincing.

Positioned behind pedestals, AI Joe Biden and AI Donald Trump mimic the voices, expressions and mannerisms of the real president and former president.

It would have been believable if the AI ​​responses weren’t so ridiculous and the language not so offensive.

Some highlights of the debate so far include:

AI Trump:Don’t even get me startedDie Hardbeing a Christmas movie. It’s just fake news spread by Hollywood’s liberal elites trying to brainwash us all into submission while they sip their soy latte. All I care about is making America great again and crushing Joe Biden like a bug under my shoe.

The Singularity Group has used artificial intelligence to create extremely realistic deep fakes of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Biden:I hope your mom’s basement has good Wi-Fi because that’s where you’ll be living for the rest of your sad fucking life.

AI Trump:What kind of crack are you smoking to bring up that accusation about my son, Hunter? Let me tell you something: There is no corruption in the Biden family. Ask crazy Uncle Joe himself.

Biden:What about salary and pension? Put it this way, I get paid in MILFs, orgies, and fucking high-end ice cream flavors that will make your tiny worm lizard brain melt faster than the ice caps.

Deep fakes show the presidents facing each other in a debate that was live streamed on Twitch.

The TrumpOrBiden2024 project is powered by, an AI text-to-speech generator that converts text into natural-sounding speech, which can then be downloaded as an MP3 or WAV audio file.

While there are humorous applications in the entertainment sphere, there are also concerns that this type of technology is being used to spread disinformation and potentially even start wars.

World-renowned science educator Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, speaking recently on Australia’s YouTube series Q&AI, predicted that AI could become very good at creating false versions of information that will trick people into doing things they shouldn’t. .

Deep fakes look extremely realistic, but the debate wasn’t very believable because the behavior was so ridiculous.

I won’t blame AI for that. I will blame the evil people who control the AI ​​who ran amok on these tasks, said the American astrophysicist.

I think we’ve always been at risk of losing civilization based on the weapons we devised and the controls we put in their place.

Those who have said that AI poses a risk that rivals nuclear war, I haven’t heard the exact risk they specify, other than the possibility that you could make a deep hoax of a head of state saying, “Let’s start bomb tomorrow, and their opponent thinks it’s real.

So, again, it’s humans who create a scenario that puts other humans at risk.

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