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We now live in a world where digital creation could benefit multiple verticals. Whether you’re a full-time content creator or small business owner, using video to advertise yourself or your business is key when it comes to growth. But today there are so many different video editors for various operating systems and at drastically different price points that it’s hard to choose which platform you want to learn on.

Among the range of options available, Filmora stands out as a powerful and user-friendly video editing software.

Developed by Wondershare, Filmora’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features have made it a favorite among professionals and beginners alike. Filmora recently released a number of new updates and features designed to make your life as a video editor easier.

Color correction

In the latest version of Wondershare’s video editing software, Filmora 12.3, a new color update has been introduced to help users achieve their desired visual style quickly and easily. The idea here is to streamline the color editing process for all types of creators, whether they’re beginners looking for a quick editing solution or professionals looking for a consistent aesthetic. This will be a huge time saver for so many users.

This new color correction feature allows users to correct color imbalances, ensuring videos look more natural by balancing the contrast and lighting in clips. Also, the visual quality can be improved through consistency, so the more you stick to your theme, the faster Filmora can adjust the color temperature to unify different clips and create a consistent color. Additionally, the software provides tools for achieving specific looks, allowing users to mimic a particular artist’s style through color matching and correction.

ChatGPT integration

ChatGPT seems to be everywhere now and for good reason. It helps in so many facets and with Filmora, ChatGPT helps in so many ways. This integration allows users to access the GPT interface within Filmora, allowing them to generate relevant text for video scripts, captions, descriptions, and more. With this AI-powered copywriting feature, videographers can create high-quality content without switching between tools.

Filmora has also delved into leveraging artificial intelligence to make the editing experience even easier. You don’t even need real footage. You can make their AI image generator create anything you ask it to! Check it out:

AI tools

The list of these great AI tools includes:

  • AI Copywriting: With ChatGPT integration, Filmora now offers AI copywriting capabilities. This feature helps creators generate eye-catching text and scripts during video production.
  • AI image: Filmora introduces an integrated image generator powered by artificial intelligence. This innovative tool allows users to create eye-catching images directly from text inputs, effortlessly incorporating them into their video projects.
  • AI Smart Cutting: Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming manual object removal. Filmora’s AI Smart Cut feature enables precise selection and removal of any unwanted objects from your videos, freeing you from the arduous editing process and allowing you to focus on the creative aspects.
  • AI Audio Stretch: Perfectly aligning audio with video duration is now easy with AI Audio Stretch. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this feature intelligently stretches or trims audio clips to match the desired video length, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.
  • AI Audio Noise Reduction: Background noise in video clips can be distracting, but Filmora’s AI Audio Denoise feature comes to the rescue. This tool can detect and reduce unwanted background noise such as talking, buzzing, static and wind noise, ensuring your audio remains crisp and clear.
  • Draw mask: Unleash your creativity with Filmora’s Draw Mask tool. This versatile pen tool lets you create complex shapes, allowing for precise masking of objects with straight or curved lines, adding an artistic touch to your videos.
  • Improved keyframes: Filmora takes keyframing to the next level, offering improved keyframing for various parameters. From texts to filters and even colors, users can now exercise greater control and precision over their video animations.
  • Green screen: Filmora’s AI chroma key tool revolutionizes the green screen process. Effortlessly remove green (or solid) background from videos, opening up a world of possibilities for changing backgrounds and creating eye-catching special effects.

Compatibility, availability and price

Filmora is compatible with practically one operating system. Works on Windows, Mac, Android, iPad and iPhone. It is currently available and ready to use with its new features.

In terms of price. Filmora offers an annual plan for sale for $49.99 per year which allows you to use it on one device. There is also a cross-platform plan for $59.99 per year, letting you use it on any device, and then there’s a Mac perpetual license that costs $79.99.

Final thoughts

Filmora is a great cross-platform video editor that works on all your devices. It has everything you need and then some. It can be used by someone who has never edited a video before or by a professional video editor. The new tools it provides with ChatGPT and AI really set it apart from the rest.

For the price, it’s worth a try. And there’s a seven-day free trial, so you can play it before you commit. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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